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  •  Kativik Regional Governement

    Kativik Regional Governement

    Created in 1978, Kativik Regional Governement exercises its role in all of the Quebec territory north of the 55th parallel to the exception of category IA and IB attributed to the Cree of the Whapmagoostui community.
  •  Air Inuit

    Air Inuit

    Offers regular scheduled flights to all the communities of Nunavik.
  •  Arctic Adventures (FCNQ)

    Arctic Adventures (FCNQ)

    Outfitters for fishing and hunting expeditions on the land of Nunavik Inuit.
  •  Avataq Cultural Institute

    Avataq Cultural Institute

    The Inuit cultural organization of Nunavik.
  •  Indian and Northern Affairs Canada

    Indian and Northern Affairs Canada

    A federal program working in partnership with Inuit cultural and economic organizations.
  •  Kativik School Board

    Kativik School Board

    The Kativik School Board dispenses education from kindergarten to grade 12 in all of the communities.
  •  Lien Test

    Lien Test

    SVP visitez ce lien test

  •  Makivik Corporation

    Makivik Corporation

    Makivik is the organization that manages the funds Nunavik Inuit received following the James Bay Agreement. Their many activities influence the economy and social lives of Nunavik Inuit.
  •  Nunatsiaq News

    Nunatsiaq News

    Nunavut and Nunavik weekly online newspaper.
  •  Nunavik Art (FCNQ)

    Nunavik Art (FCNQ)

    We welcome collectors, retailers or simply those interested in art. Come and discover the world of Inuit Art.
  •  Nunavik Tourism Association

    Nunavik Tourism Association

    The association that regroups all Nunavik tourism organizations.
  •  Taqramut Transport Inc.

    Taqramut Transport Inc.

    Serves fourteen communities in Nunavik for their maritime transport needs and other related services.
  •  University of Calgary

    University of Calgary

    Nunavik bibliography.
  •  Voyages FCNQ

    Voyages FCNQ

    A travel agency specializing in trips to and from Nunavik communities.