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  •  Pimi Petroles Naskinnuk

    Pimi Petroles Naskinnuk

  •  nunavik petro inc.

    nunavik petro inc.

  •  Schefferville petro inc.

    Schefferville petro inc.

  •  construction fcnq inc.

    construction fcnq inc.

  •  voyages fcnq inc.
  •  Art Nunavik

    Art Nunavik

    The Inuit of Nunavik (Northern Quebec) have a rich artistic tradition that is admired by enthusiasts the world over. Through their art and imagination, Inuit artists offer us glimpses of their traditions, beliefs and legends.
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  •  Arctic Adventures

    Arctic Adventures

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  •  Inuit Adventures

    Inuit Adventures

    We represent 14 local cooperatives throughout Nunavik, each with a comfortable hotel, and we design each of our experiences with local Inuit guides who are intimately connected to their community and land to ensure a safe, authentic tour package that showcases the very best of the region.
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  •  taqramut transport inc.

    taqramut transport inc.

    Sealift operations are managed by Desgagnés Transarctik Inc. (DTI) who, in its capacity of the Managing Partner of TTI and partner with La fédération des coop du Québec ( FCNQ) , is devoted to coordinating the activities and to maintaining the service standards to fully meet the sealift users' expectations and satisfaction.
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