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Purchasing / stores services

From a can of peas to the latest all-terrain vehicle to the most popular gaming console.

Over 30,000 orders per year.

This is the obstacle we must overcome in order to fulfill our challenge of ensuring all store purchases.

In fact, all articles sold in store must first be ordered through a supplier.

During their visits to commercial fairs (tradeshows), purchasers from this service have the task of finding the best quality items at the lowest price.

While, in the past, we could encourage local suppliers by dealing with them, globalization and changing member needs have lead our searches all the way to China.

An average of 20,000 to 30,000 new items are added to the list of items available to the cooperatives to ensure a variety and renewal of stock, year after year. This is more than a lot of big box stores in the south (large chain?).

Aside from current items available, we also take care of special orders sent in by our members. Whether it be a wedding dress or a cake for a special event in the community, we will do all we can to make sure the celebration is a memorable one.

The purchasing services are also responsible for store support. A team of 8 people shares this task. Each is present over 100 days a year in the cooperatives. Their role is to accompany (assist) the store managers in their work (tasks) and to be the link between them and the Federation.

Automotive repair services for SUVs, trucks and cars are offered in all fourteen communities thanks to our team of hard-working travelling mechanics. We also have small engine repair shops in certain communities, with plans to open more in the future.

Retail sales being the main activity of the cooperatives, the Purchasing Service is, since the beginning, one of the cornerstones of the movement.