Voyages FCNQ

Issuing an average of over 20,000 passenger tickets is the challenge FCNQ Travel tackles every year.

Whether for a visit to the magnificent sandy beaches of Kuujjuarapik, a cruise in the Greek Islands or the latest all-inclusive, FCNQ Travel will get you where you're going.

Founded in 1987 to meet the logistics needs of the FCNQ's employees heading the North and to offer travel services to other organizations for their employees, FCNQ Travel has expanded its horizons and now offers its expertise to anyone who wants to travel to the North or anywhere else in the world.

It is also the gateway to the cooperatives' hotel network. The hotel reservations service was amalgamated at FCNQ Travel some time ago to offer its customers a single place to arrange the details for their travel and accommodations for a trip to the North.

FCNQ Travel is definitely the organization with the most expertise in travel in the North.