Ressources Humaines

Human Resources

Prior to 2005, all issues regarding disputes, employee-management relations, disciplinary measures and employment terminations were handled by the General Manager and the department manager. In addition, each department manager was responsible for recruiting their personnel and the orientation and training of their staff. The FCNQ payroll and employee benefits were mostly handled by the Accounting department and the co-op payroll by the Co-op Services department.

As FCNQ, its subsidiaries and the 14 co-ops grew, it was evident that there was a need to create a department that would unify and standardize all these services into one department. And so in 2005, the Human Resources and Education department was formed.

The department currently has 3 divisions– Human Resources (3 employees), Payroll (5 employees) and Education (2 employees). All these divisions provide HR management and payroll support to FCNQ, its subsidiaries and the co-ops as well as provide a structured education service to directors, members, administrators and employees in the north and in the south.