Distribution / Expedition

The Distribution Department dates back to the early days of the FCNQ.

While moderate at first, the amount of merchandise that flows through this service annually has reached proportions that would have been hard to imagine 45 years ago.

On average, as part of its regular operations, the department receives, distributes and ships over 7200 boxes of merchandise every week for the cooperatives, for a total of over 375,000 parcels shipped annually.

We now have two storage depots (22,000 and 40,000 square feet respectively) for conducting our operations.

This year, 478 containers were shipped to cooperatives.

Over 3,000,000 kilos were loaded into merchandise containers to supply stores via maritime services.

This is in addition to the 37 vehicles, 17 for resale to individuals and 20 trucks and other vehicles to add to or replace parts of the cooperatives' fleet.

Another 1,600,000 kilos was loaded into containers for shipping materials for different construction projects in 2012, not to mention the heavy equipment and oversized parts that travel on the decks of ships.

Computer equipment, office supplies, satellite dishes for cable service, maintenance supplies for oil storage, paper, envelopes, store shelves, vehicle parts… it all goes through the Distribution Department before being sent on to the cooperatives.