FCNQ Cnstruction Inc.

Technical Services

Technical Services are responsible for the construction and maintenance of the FCNQ's and the cooperatives' buildings.

From the smallest cooperative to the largest, building inventories have kept growing over the years. In every community, we have a heated store and storage depot, a hotel, a gas station and a service station. Some have even embarked on the adventure of building and renting commercial and office space.

In the early days, the building infrastructures were relatively simple, but now they require growing expertise.

Managing a construction project in the North requires extensive experience with the environmental conditions and challenges involved in coordinating the shipment of materials and travel for human resources.

As one of the few 100% Inuit-owned construction companies, the wide-ranging experience acquired over the years has allowed FCNQ Construction Inc., a division of the FCNQ, to offer its services to other organizations through tenders.

In good years and bad, the department's projects now total between $20 million and $25 million annually.